How my gym added $31,950 in new revenue this past July with zero ad spend

Yes, honest to God this happened. 

In July, my New Jersey gym that was literally shut down…

…added $31,950.35 in NEW business.

It came from…

  • One very specific Source of clients
  • One very specific Method to contact them
  • One very specific Offer to get them to respond
  • One very specific Package we sold them that averaged over $1,030.66 per sale

Lucky for all the people that signed up for the Marketing Master Insiders Club

…The exact HOW TO of this earth-shattering campaign has a HUGE spread in the September Newsletter…

The only problem for the people not yet enrolled (You?) is that I’m sending it the printer at 3 PM today.

There is a possibility we can get you on that list if you can find it within you to part with $1…and register here by 3 PM today. 

Good Luck and Move Fast.

Vince  Gabriele

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