How To Build Your Dream Team – Podcast

Did you get a degree in business?

How about marketing?

Well, if you think you need one to grow your gym think, you don’t.

But, you do need to learn. 

Investing some time to learn the foundations of marketing is a key ingredient to your success in business.

I will teach you everything you need to know starting on February 4th.

Here’s the link with all the info:

How to build your dream team!

In this episode, I teach a concept that I’ve never heard anyone ever teach in the fitness industry.

It’s all about building this super strong network of people that help your clients live better lives.

It may be a doctor, a car salesman or even another gym. 

Having a legit rolodex (that’s a term we used in the old days to describe a list of connections) is a sure-fire way to get more referrals and get your clients to stay longer, possibly for life.

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