How to inject $4,000 into your checking account

At the most recent CEO Mastermind we had a discussion that any business owner would have paid at least $4,000 to be in the room for. 

The conversation lasted only about 47 minutes but packed a very profitable punch. 

We started to kick around ideas for what each of us would do if we needed to make $4,000 in the next few days. 

Not $4,000 in lifetime value either.

$4,000 in cold hard cash deposited into your checking account. 

I gave them several minutes and each of us presented on what we would do. 

We all finished and we’re kind of like: “Did that just happen”.

Did we get over a dozen ideas for what we could do to inject $4,000 in just a few days?

While I won’t give you all of the ideas, I will give you one right now.

I’ll give you mine. 

When I opened my second gym I rounded up well over $60,000 in a few days when I asked a few members to pay in full for the year for a discount.

This cash infusion enabled us to open a 10,000 square foot facility without using a penny of borrowed money from a bank or investor. 

Here’s the big discovery.

You have access to this opportunity as well. 

When you have a customer list, a prospect list and relationships you have a power in your hands to make money, lots of it, at any time you wish. 

This is the true benefit and luxury of being a business owner…to be able to get money to flow towards you.

The only thing standing in your way is the ability to think of the ideas and to take action on them. 

Lucky for a few of you…

I recorded the conversation and added all the ideas to my upcoming 6 Week New Client Surge that starts on November 10th.

This is access to info that my Mastermind members pay oodles of cash for but you’ll get insider access when you register for the surge. 

Vince Gabriele 

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