How to Not be a Burnt-Out Gym Owner

If you’re showing some signs of burnout from being a gym owner, please read this. 


The fitness industry has had a ton of very talented trainers turned gym owners leave the industry entirely. 


I spent 5 years working at Fitness Quest 10 training 1-1 clients. It was awesome but also exhausting.  


Then, I continued that on my own for a year and planned out my future facility. 


Then I really did it to myself, I signed a lease on my first space. 


I equate it to having a full cup of coffee, then trying to fit another cup of coffee in that one. 


I was already showing signs of burnout thenI became an entrepreneur. 

Think about this, you become a gym owner and only know 1/10th of what you’re supposed to


As a trainer you probably didn’t understand marketing, sales, operations, hiring, firing, building, finances, systems or lead follow-up.  


You probably never went to school for anything of this and I assure you that you didn’t learn this in school or in a cert. 


You embarked into waters where you had no idea what you’re doing. 


But if you’re reading this, you’re still hanging in there, maybe you’re even doing really good. 


The secret to not being burnt out is becoming a better business owner.  


This is one of my biggest drivers for why I became a consultant, to help personal trainers with no business experience become successful business owners. 


It’s the secret because when you become a better business owner, you’ll start making more money. 


When you make more money, you’ll have more freedom. 


You’ll have control over your time.  


You’ll do the work you want to do on your terms. 


That’s the secret 


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It’s a program that will help you master the marketing and sales side of your business, a key, maybe THE key ingredient to becoming a better business owner. 


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