How To Overcome The “It’s Too Expensive” Objection

A few years back a woman said to me in a consultation our prices we’re too expensive and she couldn’t afford it. 

We had just gone through a full hour consultation and she seemed excited until we got to the price. 

I had heard this before so I told her to just try it for a month and if she was unhappy I would give her every penny back.

She reluctantly did and said as she walked out the door:

“Ok, But I’m just letting you know, I’m not going to continue”

You know the rest of the story.

She went through the process and loved it.

She got results, made some connections, felt cared for by our staff and had an overall wonderful experience. 

She signed a 12-month agreement and is still a member several years later. 

In some cases, people cannot afford what you do. 

But this is usually a small number.

In most cases, when people say it’s too expensive it’s simply because you have not matched the value to the price.

Think about if your kid was sick and the medicine you needed was NOT covered by insurance.

The drug store wanted to charge you $375 for a bottle of cough medicine.

Most people would not balk at this because the value of their kid getting that medicine well exceeded the price.

Your job in sales is to match or exceed the Value to the price

When you get the too expensive objection honestly asses if you brought enough value to their experience in their initial meeting.

Here are some things to help so you don’t get to the objection in the first place.

  • Ask them WHY they want to get back in shape
  • Reduce the risk and offer a guarantee
  • Outline the process of what would happen when they started
  • Show them how it that this time, it will be different 
  • Give them a heap of social proof that shows you help lots people like them
  • Tell them, That was then, This is now

Just some food for thought on the most common objection you’re probably getting.

It’s really not about overcoming the objections once it’s there, it’s about overcoming the objection throughout the entire sales process. 


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