How to Send Emails that Make Money!

I’ve been speaking with several gym owners lately who have a tool in their tool box they simply never use. 

Getting new clients is a huge need for most gym owners and having multiple marketing tools to use to get them is essential. 

If you rely on just one of them, you run the risk that the one of them stops working and you’re left with nothing. 

One of my favorite tools is using email to get more clients. 

Lots of people say it doesn’t work anymore but its only because they are not doing it well enough. 

I’m going to leave you today with just one tip to write better emails and this tip has nothing to do with the actual email

It’s the subject line

The subject line is essentially the ad for your email. 

If the subject line is not good, no matter how good your email is, it will not get read. 

Here are 2 types of subject lines that have been proven to be very successful. 

  1. Curiosity: 

Think about when you go to the grocery store and see the magazines at the check-out stand. These are great things to look at to learn how to write solid subject lines. The people that write these headline on the magazine are the best in the world. 

You will see many of them use curiosity. 

Here are some examples

  • the shocking truth about spinach
  • the 5 best exercises no other trainer knows about
  1. Obviously Useful

This is where people can read the subject line and say to themselves that would have some benefit to me. 

Here are 2 examples

  • The 5 best foods to eat after a workout
  • How to work out even when you don’t want to

I taught a 3-hour module on email in my Surge Course so this is just scraping the surface but know that email is alive and well and should be something on your radar to get more clients. 

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