How To Shake The $ Tree

You have a tree that’s growing in the middle of your gym. 

It’s filled with money, hence it’s called a money tree. 

If you shake it, money will come flying into your bank account. 

But you’re just not shaking it.

If you’re interested in unlocking a LOT of money you’re sitting on…there’s a concept called unused capacity you really should know about. 

I first learned the concept from Dan Kennedy (someone you need to know).​​​
It’s something I’ve done several times before…mostly by accident…only in recent years very purposefully.

The concept is there are things in your business where money can be made, very easily,  but you just may not be seeing it.

Here’s an example:

A guy on a coaching call told me about how he was doing semi-private training with 3 people per session. 

He was charging $50 bucks a session so the most he could make was 150. 

I asked him if he’d ever tried 4 people.

He said no. ​
I then asked him if he thought 4 people would be much different than 3.

He said No. 

Finally, I asked if he was interested in increasing his business by 25%…with no increase in expenses. 

He said…uhhh yes!

The 4th spot was unused capacity. 

It was right there in front of his eyes, he just needed someone to tell him about it.

To us, this may seem simple.

But if I walked into your business I guarantee I could shake the money tree for you…just like I did for this lucky bloke.

Here are a few others ways I’ve seen gym owners use unused capacity to shake the money tree.

  • Express Lunch Time Workouts
  • Offering a membership in your off hours
  • Following up with past clients
  • Emailing your list on a regular basis
  • Selling your clients other stuff they need
  • Renting space in your gym 
  • Opening on Sundays
  • Having a 5 AM session if you don’t already

​There’s boatloads more too…

There’s a money tree that’s growing in the middle of your gym. 

Some of you have really big trees but you’re too tired and overworked to shake it. 

Go shake it dude. 

Vince Gabriele

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