How to Turn Email Into Your Most Profitable Marketing Strategy

There’s really only 3 things you need to know to start making more money from email: 

  1. Learn how to write good subject lines
  2. Create content that adds value to your target market
  3. Make a LOT of offers

Yes, email deliverability matters!

Yes, you should proofread your stuff.

Yes, you should avoid looking like Target or Walmart and send these cheesy graphics.

But the 3 listed above will turn your email marketing into a money making asset, instead of something you know you should be doing to check the marketing box.

Let’s dive in…

1. Learn How to Write Good Subject Lines

I have a passion for writing headlines, and simply love to sit down and write tons of them.  If you want to get better at marketing this is one of the most powerful exercises you could ever do.

As you’re writing them, when you get one that makes you smile to yourself, you are on the right track.

Your email list is getting hundreds of them per day…what needs to be said in your subject line to get it opened…because after all if it doesn;t get opened…no action will be taken. 

Here’s the only way to learn what works… 

Track it.

Each week, I get an email that sends me data on the open rates of my emails with the subject line I used next to it.  I know the higher open rate emails had subject lines that resonated with my audience, so I created more just like them.  It’s the only way to know, otherwise you’re guessing. 

I give all my Mastermind members something called a Power Word Sheet to help them write good subject lines.  I’ve got a few spare copies in my office, if you want one just reply and I’ll send it. 

2. Create Content That Adds Value

There is a dude I know that’s an instagram guy, the kind that poses with his shirt off and stuff (maybe I’m just jealous)…

Anyway, he sends these trashy emails that rival something that P90x would send out to millions of people.

It’s complete nonsense and I’m sure his 15% discount emails are not bringing him traction, even if his list is huge, people ignore that stuff.

Instead, add value to the lives of your readers.

I truly appreciate that you opened this email.  I’m grateful for you because I know you have a lot going on.

So, I don’t just want to sell you my stuff.  Sure, I can help you more if you join my Mastermind, but I have the perspective that you’ll join when you’re ready, and I’ll just keep showing up in your inbox daily with something you can use. 

Here’s all you need to know about value…

Can you send them stuff that will improve their health, wealth or relationships? 

This email is to help you improve your wealth…because if you implement this stuff, more people will buy personal training from you.

At the start of the email, think about which one of these you’re going to focus on…

3. Make A Lot Of Offers

This is simple. 

After you give value, make them an offer.

Kind of like this:  

If you’d like to chat with me on the phone for free, so I can help you with your marketing Click here.  

That’s it!

Or you can just put an offer in your P.S.

Like this:

P.S. Since you’ve read this far, it seems you’re interested in getting more clients to your gym.  I can help you with that for free Here.

You can also give another offer in the P.P.S.

Kind of like this:

P.P.S. If you’re not ready to get on the phone with me that’s cool, I have another program that helps you with your marketing that costs just $1 for the first 60 days with no obligation to buy anything after.

You can get all the info Here.

Hope this helps you.

Vince Gabriele

P.S. Feel free to reply to this email and let me know what you thought of it…I’m a real person just like you who owns a gym.

P.P.S. If you don’t know what to say when you reply just let me know where your gym is located and I’ll ask you a business question that’ll get you thinking.

P.P.P.S. Yup, you can do 3P’s if you want 🙂

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