I flipped out on my staff today

Before I get into it… 

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At today’s weekly staff meeting, I flipped out. 

We found a glitch and had 2 people on the schedule that were not coming to sessions or paying.

Normally I do not get involved in this stuff but Vanessa (my wife) was trying to put herself in the 6 AM session. 

When she went to do that,it was full…not one spot available. 

When she told me I asked her who was on the schedule. 

She started to read off the names… 

When she got to one particular name she said, “wait….” 

I saw this guy at the store just last week and he said he had not been to the gym in months.

I brought this up at our meeting and was not happy about it.

It was simply a mistake on our part.

Here was the action step we took:

1.  Audit the entire schedule to make sure this is not happening anywhere else 

2.  Review the current system to see how this could have happened and identify if this was a people issue or a system issue 
3.  Present to me any necessary changes based on the findings 

Here’s why I flipped out:

Now more than ever, there should be no money leaks in your business. 

You cannot fill a leaking bucket.

As much time, money and energy we spend on marketing there is not a possibility to fill our bucket when stuff like this happens.

In defense of my team, I do think this was a specific issue with these 2 people and we HAD been in contact with them. 

But, the issue remains, if you want to run your business during a pandemic, absolutely no leaks can be allowed. 

Vince Gabriele 

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