I got choked out on monday night

On Monday night I got choked out at my first BJJ class.

About a year ago I decided to start BJJ classes. 

I knew nothing, not even the names of the positions.

While everyone on the class was helpful, my lack of knowledge was a liability to others and myself. 

I went to about 5 classes then Covid hit hard and I stopped going.

I wanted to re-start…but everything in the universe was pulling me away.

Part of it was me having a LOT going on in my life and adding another thing seemed daunting.

The other part was not facing the feeling about how stupid I felt in those few classes and for slowing down the other guys I was rolling with.

It took a YEAR to get started again….

I decided to start with a few private sessions instead of jumping into the classes.

I learned all the basics and even nailed the backwards roll…it took me 5 sessions to stop being a spaz but I finally got it.

After the privates, I was much more confident going into my first class this past Monday night.

I started to roll with another guy that had been going for about 6 months.

He quickly found his arms tightly wrapped around my neck and started to squeeze.

I tried to flail around but could not escape and that just made the choke tighter.

As I was just about to tap, I heard him breathing, VERY heavy…almost like something was wrong.

I got a burst of energy after I heard the breathing… thinking I could break the choke, I did. 

Then I felt him completely let go. 

I turned around and he was lying on the ground…panting. 

He was exhausted and had to stop…

He then said, “I choked myself out because my cardio sucks so bad”, (we both got a great laugh).

While I had probably done everything wrong from a BJJ perspective…I could not help but feel a small win.

Just when I was about to tap (quit) the tide turned. 

The hills I have been running worked.

The nose breathing I have been practicing helped.

The meditation I have been practicing kept me calm.

Without even knowing, the preparation I had done was there when i needed it.

If your business is choking you, you could be a day away from a breakthrough.

You could be one new hire away from getting the rest you need.

You could be one marketing idea away from a surge of new clients.

You’re running your gym in a global pandemic, give yourself a little slack and maybe stop being so hard on yourself.

Today it might be raining….but It doesn’t rain everyday.

Most days, it doesn’t.

Keep Going.

Vince Gabriele 👍

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