if I bought your gym, here’s what I’d do to double it…

I’m preparing hard for a LIVE presentation at the November Mastermind meeting titled…

If My CFO Mike Waldron and I Bought Your Gym, Here’s What I’d Do to Double it in 12 Months. 

The presentation outlines 12 strategic and tactical ideas I’d deploy to get a big return on my investment. 

I’ve prepared hundreds of presentations in my career but I’ve never been more excited about this one. 

Obviously, I’m not going to buy one of the gyms in my Mastermind (most would never sell it) but if I did…I wanted the Mastermind members to hear about my thought process. 

Many of the 12 ideas I’ve talked about before but some of them are totally new. 

The purpose of it is to give them 12 big game changing ideas they can use to crank the dial on their existing business. 

They won’t be able to implement everything at once and my direction will be for them to take one of the concepts at a time and go with it. 

 Here’s #1 of 12…

Get Financial Clarity in 6 Weeks. 

I don’t start any business without the eyes of my trusted CFO and best friend, Mike Waldron, who owns Carmel Valley Financial services and is the CFO to many of the top gyms in America.

I’d roll up my sleeves with Mike and dig deep into the number of the business we just purchased. 

I’d look at their % of profit, payroll relative to revenue, acquisition cost, lifetime customer value, close rate, retention rate and a bunch more. 

The reason why this is #1 is because the financials are the only truth teller in the business. 

All progress starts with the truth, that is why I’d start with this. 

Many gym owners put blinders on in regards to the financials, I’ve done this myself…

…But, you cannot run a successful gym long term without financial clarity. 

So, if you take anything from today, know that you need to have a grip on your numbers. 

When I participated in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program, I sat down with one of the advisors and they started asking me about the financials.

I had no clue how to answer any of the questions. 

They said, “Vince, you simply don’t know your numbers”. It was embarrassing. 

From that point on, with the help of Mike Waldron, I have financial clarity in all 4 of my companies.

And If I bought a new business this would be #.

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. Learning the 12 things that I’d do if I bought your gym would be helpful…and you’re interested in coming to my SPF Mastermind meeting in November to hear the other 11….

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