I’m Insulted

I am appalled, insulted, and embarrassed for the fitness industry.

I got this message on my Facebook messenger last week.

I’m not going to reveal the person that sent it.

But if you’re into desperate marketing you should follow this person’s lead.

Here’s the stupid message:

Hey Vince, just wanted to touch base with you real quick…after everything we just went through I wanted to see how the last year treated you and your waistline?…Most people put on some weight and are looking to get back on track at this point. Hit me back if that’s you…I’ve got a gift for you.  

First of all, let’s have a little lesson in knowing your target audience.

I’m not even remotely in this person’s target market, nor have I ever had any contact with them about their service, so “touching base with me real quick” means nothing.

Yet, they blanketed this message to all their contacts.  

It did make them famous in front of thousands of gym owners, and gave me some content for my Tuesday email.  So, thanks!

Second, I assume this was taught to them by some internet marketing troll that never ran a gym in their life.

But the internet troll is an expert…and you should blindly follow them down to their mother’s basement.

I’ve earned millions of dollars of personal income in my career as a gym owner…but I’ve never sent a message like this.


Because I believe in long term relationships, good marketing, and treating people with respect.

When you shame, you’re looking to prey on desperate people in hope that this final shaming message is the straw that makes them finally do something.

There are people who teach this stuff, and if this is the kind of marketing you’re looking for…I suggest you unsubscribe below.

Now, instead of continuing to crush this strategy on this email, I’d like to offer them some help.

Maybe you could benefit too.

I’ve never heard from this person in this context, meaning I’ve never opted in for anything they’ve sold.

So, if this is our first exchange…why the heck are you asking about my waistline…I don’t even know you.

Here’s a text that would’ve worked better…

Hey Vince, Just touching base, how are you?

If the goal is a response that’s all you need.

You don’t need some sleezy, slimy message with some bogus gift I dont want…from a person I don’t even know…c’mon dude.

Now, here’s another thing…

There’s a much better and more effective way to move people into action as opposed to shaming.

The waistline thing could be handled in a testimonial story.

Possibly a video with one of your clients saying…

“I gained 37 pounds during the pandemic and I was unhappy with my waistline….after 12-weeks of training with internet troll, I am now in the best shape of my life”…you get the point.

It’s not that you cannot say things about your waistline, but it’s doing it in a way that makes people feel good about doing business with you.

In fact, here’s another way to say it…

Hey Vince,

I’ve had 7 consults over the past week with people asking for help with losing fat around their waistline…because of that I wrote a 3-page report that includes workout and nutrition advice to help.  Not sure if this will help you, but if so, LMK and I’ll send it to you.  Thanks!

Then maybe add some stupid emojis at the end if you’re so inclined.

Says the same thing, just doesn’t make people feel like crap.

Ok rant over.

Vince Gabriele

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