just ended a long relationship

When I think of some of the clients I’ve trained over the years that had the best results…

…a large portion of them we’re going through a divorce or just ended a long relationship. 

I had one guy that I used to train back in my San Diego days that went from 440 to 290 after he broke up with his girlfriend. 

He had trained with me for several months before the break-up and barely lost a pound. 

I’ve had other clients even after their doctor gave them a tongue lashing that their life is at risk…they literally make no changes to their diet. 

Why is it that someone would be more motivated to lose weight because they ended a relationship vs their doctor telling them to get moving?

Human Nature. 

I heard the great, Dan Kennedy, say at a seminar if you want to go broke in the weight loss business…then talk about good health, better sleep and getting stronger so they can play with their grandkids…

While I’ve brought in clients with these messages…

…I cannot argue that people I’ve worked with have been much more likely to buy, stay and get results when they have something big cooking like a divorce, a wedding to get ready for or a reunion. 

So, it makes sense to talk about this stuff in your marketing. 

Here are a few ideas for your marketing messages…some of them more effective and powerful than others…

  1. An important wedding you want to look and feel your best for
  2. An upcoming class reunion
  3. A big milestone birthday such as 40, 50, 60 or 70
  4. The birth of a new child that you know will take a ton of energy to keep up with 
  5. A career change you need to be at the top of your game for
  6. You’re considering retiring and will have more time to be more active
  7. A vacation to an island is close and you want to be beach ready
  8. A long term relationship that recently ended. 

I’ve used similar messaging in the 14 emails we sent to promote my annual sweepstakes giveaway… that just generated 200 leads from very interested people in our community. 

I recently posted all 14 emails on the members’ site of my Marketing Masters Club.

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Vince Gabriele 

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