Most gym owners I know started as personal trainers (like me).

They got certified in their early 20’s and fell in love with lifting and coaching people to help them achieve their goals. It became an obsession.

But, a few years in they came to this realization they needed to get a “real” job…that didn’t require working 60 sessions a week for $20 bucks an hour.

Instead of going out and getting a job, they opened a gym.

The dream of outfitting the gym the way they wanted, no more boss to tell them how they can train their clients…no more letting the weights down easy so they didn’t disturb the other members.

Nope. This was going to be their show.

They had no clue what they were getting themselves into and didn’t realize they made a career change. 

No one ever taught them how to market, sell, hire trainers, read financial statements or that they actually needed to be saving money each month to build a cash cushion.

They got by on sheer heart, desire and sweat equity…. but they were burning out..

Then, on March 15th, 2020, a real-life nightmare for gym owners occurred.

Covid-19 ran through the country and shredded businesses from every industry…especially small gyms that did personal and group training.

Running a business before this was very hard…especially with very little experience or a business education to go with it.

But, running a business through a pandemic?

That’s something NONE of us saw coming.

Now imagine them trying to navigate this impossible situation…. 

ALL BY Themselves 

In prison, the worst punishment one can get is solitary confinement…locked in a pitch-black cell with no communication.

Many gym owners have sentenced themselves to solitary confinement…in their own minds.

The reason is because they have not given themselves any outlet.

No outlet to express their frustrations, fears, anxiety or business challenges.

As the stress gets bigger the negative thoughts just get pushed down deep inside…causing more and more doubt, fear and anxiety.

Being a gym owner myself, I’ve been through all of these emotions.

There’s one thing I’ve done for almost my entire career that has served as my outlet to minimize all the emotions above…

…it came in the form of coaching.

I will not say that those emotions don’t still come up today…but the tools I’ve acquired and the knowledge I’ve gained have helped me breakthrough and NOT let them send me down this downward spiral like they used to.

I  run a business mastermind for gym owners because of the value, clarity and peace they brought to my life.

That’s why I do this for gym owners.

To give people just like me the opportunity to blast through the inner struggles of stress, fear and doubt and live a life of freedom, wealth and happiness.

Even with my vast business education and experience I tripled the amount of money I spent on business coaching during the pandemic.

I never looked at it as an expense.

It is an investment…and an insurance policy for my success.

I’ve had the great opportunity to personally lead 50+ gym owners through the Covid-19 pandemic… many of them credit their involvement in the SPF Mastermind with helping them thrive through the pandemic…while many other gyms in their area crumbled (see testimonials here).

In light of the changing year, you may be thinking of hiring a coach to help guide you.

More. The events in the world right now are bringing more uncertainty than ever to gyms all over the country…having a pair of fresh eyes and a second voice is more important than ever.

I invite you to take this next step with me and book a call here.

Vince Gabriele 👍

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