letting people get fat

I had a conversation with a member of my gym last week. 

It was clear he had gained weight during Covid-19. 

The conversation went on about his workouts and that he was staying consistent but it was the food that was the issue. 

I asked if he had a plan to fall back on when he got off track. 

He said, he had tried intermittent fasting before and was maybe going to get that started again. 

I told him we could sit down with him and help him map out a plan. 

He was surprised and said, “Yes, that would be great!” 


The fail is on us.  

We failed him; we should have been there earlier. 

We let him get fat. 

Here’s how I know a business is struggling. 

They are selling times per week. 

When you get into the business of selling times per week, you’re dead in the water. 

You’re easily replaceable. 

If you want to succeed in this climate you need to be more. 

How long was this guy just going to keep showing up and just getting workouts? 

My guess is not that much longer. 

But how long will he stay when he feels he has a trusted advisor in his corner? 

A trusted adviser that’s open and willing to have hard conversations. 

To notice that he’s getting fatter and probably needs a sit down to get on track. 

To notice that the shoulder is getting stiffer. 

To notice that he’s starting to come 2x per week when he used to come 3x. 

This is ALL YOU GOT. 

But this one thing cannot be taken from you. 

It cannot be taken by Amazon, Apple or Peloton. 

It can’t be taken from another gym. 

The secret to winning in 2021 is knowing what your client’s value and then focusing on that value…in every waking moment of your business life. 

This is where you need to understand a concept called IPU Value. 

This is the value your clients will pay more for and stay with you for the long haul. 

Some do this well. 

Some used to do it well. 

Some never even sniff it. 

At the last Mastermind meeting I did a presentation that unpacked this kind of value and I fully believe doubling down on IPU value is the #1 ingredient for success in 2021. 

I have that video ready to be fired to anyone that fills out their application to win a year of free business coaching. 


Vince Gabriele  

P.S. Once you fill out your application today, Megan will shoot you the video, it’ll change the game. Send her email megan@vincegabriele.com

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