Long Island Gym Owner Implements Small Group and Goes from $120 to $360 Per Hour

About 3 years ago I helped Anthony Bevilacqua go from making $120 per half hour to $360 per half hour.

For those doing math at home, yes that’s $720 per hour…and he’s got 1,000 square feet.

Listen, if you want to start taking home more money for your business…this is an episode you’ll want to listen to…twice.

They unpack:

  • Semi-Private vs. Small Group Semantics
  • How to get started with small group training
  • What to say to your 1-1 clients to get them to switch
  • What movie to watch to help you implement this model and why
  • Why this model is superior to most other models and if you are considering multiple locations this is your best bet

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