My Average Cook Wife…

On Saturday night I was personally involved in one of the most game changing referral strategies I’ve ever seen. 

This is an email you definitely want to fully read….

My wife Vanessa is self admittedly an average cook.

There are some things that are good but she’s no gourmet.

I’m totally good with it and was not like, “Honey you need to go to cooking school” or anything like that.

But, recently she took matters into her own hands and changed the game with her cooking skills.

She found a system called Hello Fresh, which I think is an absolute genius idea.

They send you all the raw ingredients you need to cook a meal…everything down to the little packet of paprika.

They give you simple instructions with very helpful pics.

But V still needs to do the work, they’re just making it easy for her.

Meals at our home over the last month have been magnificent.

I love coming home to fresh cooked meal riddled with spices, sauces and side dishes that she never even considered before Hello Fresh.

In fact, every time she makes a Hello Fresh meal, I’m so happy that after dinner I tell her to go upstairs and do yoga while I oversee the kids to clean up the kitchen.

She’s happy because she has the feeling of accomplishment, cooking a tasty healthy meal for her family. 

It’s a win and the cost of it is completely off-set by the happiness it brings to our home.

Anyway, on Saturday night we had a couple over for dinner. 

We got to talkinabout Hello Fresh and here’s how I brought it up.

I started bragging about Vanessa’s new cooking skills.

I told them how she’s killing it in the kitchen. 

When I mentioned Hello Fresh they said…

“Oh, we’ve been meaning to try that”

Vanessa responds with…

“Cool, I have 4 free boxes of food to give as gifts.”

She pulls up the app and there’s a button that simply says, 

“Send a free box of food to a friend…

…all you needed to do was put in their email.”

Vanessa sent them the email and our friends started looking at all the meals together…right there in our kitchen.

They took advantage of the free box (just had to cover shipping, which is another lesson).

Minutes after they order, Vanessa gets an email thanking her, and asking if she has another friend she wants to send a box of food to (these people are good, really good).

I watched this entire thing go down.

I ran into my office and wrote out the entire process.

It was complete brilliance.

But, here was the sequence you need to know:

Step 1: The Conversation About Hello Fresh 

The conversation started because I was a delighted customer. It was more than food, I was happier and you could argue it’s been increasing polarity between me and Vanessa. I didn’t say that but that’s what made me brag about her. 

Question to ponder: How do you need to run your business so you come up more often?

Step 2: Knowing What to do When it Comes Up 

When Hello Fresh came up, Vanessa went right to the free boxes she had. There was no reward that Vanessa new of if she sent our friends the box, that’s not why people refer. Vanessa and my status will be elevated if we send them this and they love it. The secret is having the thing to give. In your case it could be a free membership.

Question to ponder: How can you educate your clients better on how they can refer? 

Step 3: The Ease of Getting the People to Take Action 

It was a simple button to click to get them the free box. Then, on their phones they were able to select and become a customer…right there…on the spot. No take this card and on Monday, if you remember Google Hello Fresh. Nope. The sale was made in our kitchen…3 bourbons in…on Saturday night at 8 PM…Hello Fresh got a new customer.

Question to ponder: Do you have a simple and easy way for your clients to get their friends to take action fast?

Step 4: The Thank You Message 

Most people will refer once. But if they don’t feel appreciated, they will likely not do it again. The system showed us appreciation immediately. They did tell us we got like 10 bucks toward our next order but that was nothing. We felt like we were cared for based on the thank you email.

Questions to ponder: How do you currently reward clients that refer… is it good enough? Is it fast enough?

Hope this helps guys.

Vince Gabriele 

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