my embarrassing black friday offer

I’m so embarrassed. 

I don’t have a black Friday offer this year. 

I ran one for my gym that is doing very well…

…But I have nothing for you this year. Nothing. 

I woke up this morning and was completely upset with myself about this… 

…and I thought about throwing something together on short notice….but came up short there too(chump)

But, then I realized something.

I have a Black Friday Offer That runs all year-round.
The cost of my year-round Black Friday offer is $1. 

I have much to give you for this measly buck….it’s detailed here.
Considering my Mastermind clients pay a decent chunk of change every month, it’s possible I could be completely ruining any credibility I have by promoting something so cheap.

But, if you’re as unprepared as I am this year, sometimes you need to take risks…this is mine.

As I’m typing this, I’m thinking of ways I can sweeten the pot for you…based on the amount of guilt and embarrassment I have… 

But, I have nothing.

That being said, once you start kicking around in the membership site…I think you’ll find oodles of goodies for you to start making some money now. 

In addition, access to this resource for $1, gets you over 1 year’s worth of masterclasses.

Each masterclass is over 2 hours and is a deep dive into various topics on how to grow your gym.

These masterclasses are NOT on YouTube or the podcast, I’ve never published any of them publicly.

Here is the list of the ones you’ll get immediate access:

  • The 4 Money Making Rules for Gym Owners
  • New Year’s 9 Word Emails
  • The 3 Most Important Things that Need to be on Your To Do List
  • The Secret to Never Running Out of Marketing Ideas
  • 5 Money Making Musts in 2021
  • How to Know Exactly What to Do All Day
  • How to Write Money Making Emails
  • The Top 5 Things Working Right Now for Gym Owners
  • Your Fall Marketing Plan Done
  • How to Be a Better Public Speaker
  • What the HELL Should Gym Owners Be Doing All Day
  • How to Implement the Best Damn Referral Tactic EVER
  • 5 Ways to Get Your Next 10 Clients Without Spending a Dime to Get Em

There’s also a full-fledged course on Google My Business that my tech nerd recorded…

…And I recorded one too called Marketing Made Simple For Gym Owners that’s in there 
So, if you’re still reading this appalling email…this horrific excuse for being unprepared on Black Friday 
Then you should just buy it.
I’m Sorry, 

Vince Gabriele 👍
P.S. If you’ve already purchased my year round black Friday deal (you know who you are) …but cancelled…reply here with “I’m Back” and we’ll reinstate you at the regular member price before it goes up next year 

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