My Failure

In 11 years as a gym owner I have had many failures.

I’ve built a pretty good business but that has not come without challenges, struggles and doubt.

I never want you to think that it’s been easy for me and my goal here is not to make you feel better because you know that I’ve had problems, rather it’s that you learn from my mistakes and get to success faster.

However, even if you do avoid the mistakes I made, don’t think there will not be other stuff that comes up.

Your failures are the gateway to your learning experiences and in turn, your success

Here is struggle #1 I’ve had in my career, stay tuned for more of them:

Lack of Focus.

I struggled in school from this.  I was not as good of an athlete because of this and it has hurt me tremendously as an entrepreneur.

I was your typical ADD kid, always needing extra help, always at the bottom of the class and always frustrated.

That did not magically disappear when I started my own business.  It especially did not go away when I started to do the things I needed to do to help my business survive.

When I made the shift from trainer to gym owner I had this extreme paralysis of what to do.

A fear I was not working on the right thing and always questioning if what I was doing was what I was supposed to be doing.

I spent many days very frustrated and stressed that I had not gotten anything accomplished.

I was all over the place.

It wasn’t until I learned about the typical stages of business that helped me with this.

I learned that all businesses go through stages where one thing is most important and that should be the focus of the owner.

For instance, I learned from many different sources that stage 1 (the first few years) in a business, the main focus of the owner is to get more clients, to learn to master sales and marketing.

When I was in stage 1 I was reading about leadership, building systems, hiring, and delegation. What I should have been doing was getting more customers. Not that this stuff is bad, in fact it’s all very important, but it needs to be important at the right time.

The thing that improved my massive struggle of focus was these stages.

I was so relieved by this that I actually created the 4 Stages of a Fitness Business because I wanted other gym owners to have the clarity that I got from this.

There were some painful days for me but this simple and easy knowledge made a major impact

I want to share these 4 stages with you and the next time I’ll be doing this live in person is here:

P.S. If you cannot make the seminar, I’d be happy to send you a very detailed report on these 4 stages, just hit reply and let me know if you want me to send you the link. 

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