my mom is embarrassed of me because…

I’m emmbarrassed to admit this. 

In the September Issue of my Marketing newsletter there was 43 typos!
The only reson I know this?

My mom read the newsleter with a red pen and she literally told me how dissapppointed she was in me. 

It was so bad, the word September was actually misspelled on the cover!
To be honest getting the first issue out was a bear

A ton of work went into it and we just did a bad job of checking our work. 

Part of me wanted to crawl into a hole after seing that many

But here’s the deal

When it’s that bad…it’s not that bad(which is my famous line I use to describe Covid-10)

It’s not that bad because it created an opportunioty 

I created a typo finding competition among the members in the MMIC

I told them about all the typos and then created a contest. 

I told them all to re-read the newsleter and  post their guess for how many typos were in the September issue…which provided some great engagement in the group 

It also gave me a subject for this email 

Here’s the moral of the story:

Sometimes you just got to eat your shit sandwich 

Whatever you got going on, find the bright spot

Find the opportunity

Find the humor 

Admit you screwed up…

…and use your screw-ups and mistakes to your benefit(if possible)

It’s a hell of a lot better than stressing out over it 

I’m not condoning typos in your work, that not the point here

The October Issue(shipped this week) will be much better… I hope.

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. Want to read the infamous September Issue that had 43 typos?

Click here

P.P.S. It’s got a ton of money making content but it won’t be a good issue if you liked English class

P.P.P.S …AND yes, for more fun, I loaded this email with a ton of typos on purposes

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