My Perform Better talk is Permanently Damaged.

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking for the Perform Better Virtual Seminar Series at 2 PM EST. 

I’ll be covering a very important topic.


My presentation topic was selected about 6 months ago, well before Covid-19 was a thing.

They wanted us to keep the topic the same…I was ok with that.

But, what I could not keep the same was the actual content.

After I select a topic for a presentation I list out the 3-5 key points I want to cover.

It helps me communicate the information much easier to you guys.

Due to us being in the middle of a pandemic and a recession I’ve made several changes.

In fact, I completely scrapped it all and re-did the entire thing.

It’s all built around helping gym owners make more money in our new economy. 

If you own a gym, aspire to own a gym or want more clients as a personal trainer this will be invaluable and timely information.

Further…this info has the power to help you generate more money from assets you have right now…

Things you have but you’re just not using.

I’ll simply point them out to you, than you can implement for your own financial gain.

Here’s the info and the link to join:

Vince Gabriele 

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