My Winter Marketing Plan (7 Things)

Here’s how I’ll be getting new clients and driving more revenue at my gym this winter.

1. Running our 50 Strong Challenge™ This crushed it last year and there’s no way I’m not doing it again. It’s like a new year new you type thing but way better.

The numbers told us it was our most successful challenge in company history. The emails I used to promote this program are loaded into the member section of New Client Academy

2. Charging Higher Prices and Offering more premium services
…this concept is outlined in great detail in my new book which you can get as a free bonus when you join my new client academy program

3. We’ll run a promo the week of Valentine’s day
 to get members to bring a date to the gym. This is good for 10-15 new trials and about 7-10 new clients.

4. Running My Sweepstakes in mid-February
 to drive a serious amount of pent-up leads. There’s too much on this to even start talking about but I spill the beans on this campaign in a big way in New Client Academy

5. Putting out regular authority content
 across multiple social media platforms so we can continue to build trust in the community.

6. Email our List
 3-6 times per week with very specific calls to action

7. Aligning with one joint venture that shares a similar market to partner with on our sweepstakes.

Side Note on Joint Ventures: I had one of the top gym owners in America do a 3-hour presentation on how to win BIG with Joint Ventures, you can access that presentation as a member of new client academy

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