One Event Changed My Life

My life changed 13 years ago when I attended my first Perform Better Seminar in Long Beach California.

That one event inspired me to one day be a leader in the fitness industry and share the stage with some of the biggest experts in the fitness industry.

That has come true.

Going to live events changes the game.


Many lives, mine included, have been transformed after a weekend of belly to belly learning.

My 2-day LIVE, IN PERSON, fitness business mentorship is ready for you to register at the early bird investment.

This event has provided some of the same life changing moments too.

A day after one of our mentorships several years ago we got a video message from a New Jersey gym owner. The message was long but one line stood out to us that we’ll never forget.

“You guys changed my life” – Chris Lopez, owner of the Jersey Strength Pit in Jackson NJ.

I hope you have been getting value from my emails but there is and never will be a replacement for live in-person learning.

I don’t care how great technology gets. There will always be a need for in-person learning, just like there will always be a need for your clients to have a live body training them.

Any questions?

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Vince Gabriele

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