Podcast Episode 002: Hiring your next superstar trainer

Vince Gabriele, speaker, author, founder of Gabriele Fitness and Fitness Business University, and Tom Langton, CEO of Gabriele Fitness, guide you through the steps of hiring.  “It is not an easy process, but it is the most important process” says Vince.  Vince constantly asks the members of Gabriele Fitness why they love it, their unanimous response is “the people”.  Many business owners have trouble finding the “right” employees and retention.


In this episode Tom and Vince lay out a hiring plan for any owner of any business to follow:

How and when entrepreneur’s need to let go, what to look for in potential candidates, where to find potential candidates, looking at what the candidates actually send you, and the final process of the phone interview and in person interview. 


They break these steps down to a simple and easy to follow guide line, which is also available in Vince Gabriele’s “3-6-4” Hiring manual.


 There is a process, and they hit home with the fact that you must get to know your candidate and do they culturally mix with your business.


For a digital copy of the “3-6-4” Hiring Manual, email Vince@gabrielefitness.com


If you are still seeking more education, join Vince and Tom on during the Gabriele Fitness 2 day on-site Mentorship.  All you have to do is visit www.vincegabriele.com and schedule a FREE call with Vince Gabriele, himself!

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