Podcast Episode 003: How to Delegate in Your Business for More Freedom

In this episode Vince Gabriele, speaker, author, and founder of Gabriele Fitness and Fitness Business University and Tom Langton, CEO, of Gabriele Fitness, review some key reasons why fitness business owners need to stop pushing their own shopping cart and start delegating.  It’s easy for individuals in the fitness business to burn out quickly and let their ego take over.

Vince and Tom map out a long-term delegation plan, starting from the basic foundation and moving up.  Letting go is the hardest part for many owners, but you don’t have to do it right away – they will teach you how to do it in stages so you don’t lose sight of the business as well as the overall experience of your operation.

After you start delegating, you’ll find yourself with more time and asking yourself “what do I do with all this time now?”.  Vince also talks about how to fulfill your time mindfully with the business still at your fingertips – stepping away from operations, but becoming a leader and mentor to your employees.

Join Vince and Tom on April 7th-8th, during the Gabriele Fitness 2 day on site Mentorship. They will be unpacking everything they do at GFP, breaking down the business – Marketing, Sales, Operations, Training.  The only way to hop on a FREE call with Vince.  Schedule your call today by visiting www.vincegabriele.com

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