Podcast Episode 005: How To Make Big Decisions That COULD Cost You Clients

Are you faced with the challenge of making big decisions for your business?  Do you have fears of losing clients?  You’re not alone.   

Vince Gabriele, author, speaker, founder of Gabriele Fitness and Fitness Business University and Tom Langton, CEO of Gabriele Fitness, guide you through a progression of decision making in this episode.  Walking you through making the smaller decisions to the bigger decisions that will impact your business and your clients.  They use their own experience at Gabriele Fitness highlighting 5 main points you must address when making these decisions. 

  1. Ask yourself if you are making the right decision for your business?    
  1. Realize some people are going to be upset, no matter what. 
  1. Ask yourself what’s the worst thing that could happen? 
  1. It’s never as bad in the end as it may feel when making the decision. 
  1. Set a deadline.  Mark your decision down on the calendar! 

If you need help making some big decisions for your business, Vince can guide you through them.  Sign up for the Fitness Business University 1-day Seminar in Providence, Rhode Island (one day before the Perform BetterConference) by visiting the link below!  


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