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How To Finally Be A Decisive Gym Owner
By Vince Gabriele

Got this message from a member who attended the SPF Mastermind last weekend…

Hey Vince, just wanted to let you know, this past weekend was just what I needed.  

Sat down with one of my coaches that are showing potential as far as becoming more involved (my right hand basically) and he was excited about it.  

I’ve missed this opportunity in the past with other good people and I’m not letting it happen again. 

Thanks for all you do Vince. Have a great vacation!

Here’s something to chew on today: 

You may know what you need to do right now.

You may know what your next move should be…

It’s probably sitting there right in front of you…like a nail sticking out of your forehead.

You’re almost 100% certain that you just need to pull the nail out and you’ll be off to the races…but something stops you from doing it.

For you, I’m not sure what that something is.

For me, it’s usually fear, not wanting to rock the boat, avoiding conflict, and because I’m a nice guy, I don’t like to hurt feelings. 

But that stuff holds me back. 

If there’s one skill I’ve improved over the years it’s this one:


Courage is doing it anyway even when you’re scared or uncertain. 

It’s not that you won’t feel fear, it’s that you don’t let the fear hold you back. 

Being back to live events was magical. 

There’s magic in being in a room with other gym owners fighting the same fight. 

It’s where decisions are made…Courage is found…and breakthroughs occur.

Here’s another text I got yesterday from a member that attended last weekend…who had been procrastinating on hiring a full-time coach…

Left the gym at 5:30 PM yesterday….

Can’t remember the last time I did that on a Wednesday. 

Trainer has is covered. 

Building a staff is cool… ha!

Thanks for the push Vince

You know what to do.

But sometimes you need to place yourself in the right environment to make it happen…

…so you can get the courage to be decisive.

When this happens, you’ll be off to the races.

Click here to become more decisive. 

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. The price for new members for the SPF Mastermind goes up to $1,000 per month on Aug 1, 2021.

I’ll be going on vacation on Aug 2nd for 2 weeks so I won’t be accepting new members during that time because I talk to everyone personally before they join…

….but if you’d like to join before the hammer drops please apply here

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