Public Speaking

“I’m kind of a big deal, people know me” –Ron Burgendy

If you want your gym to be more successful, becoming an authority in your community will make that happen. 

When I got started over a decade ago I mainly worked with athletes. I got very deep in the weeds with post rehab ACL training and sought out to learn all I could

I had heard Eric Cressey talk about how he went into the surgery room and watched to a labrum repair so he could learn more about the shoulder

I took that and asked a famous local knee specialist if I could watch and ACL repair

He agreed. 

Funny thing happened after that. 

He started sending me clients, lots of them

I guess he thought if a personal trainer is willing to watch a surgery, he probably knows what he’s doing

I started getting results with these athletes and word started to spread

I then approached the doctor and asked if he wanted to team up and do a ACL injury prevention seminar with me

He agreed and this was the birth of me becoming an authority in my community. 

I started to gain some authority from just getting great results and word of mouth

BUT, nothing came close to the authority I got when I partnered with another authority figure and put myself on stage. 

A few things to get you thinking about how you can become an authority in your community

  1. Public Speak. When you put yourself in front of people and speak to them, no matter what the size of the audience or how local the venue is, you are thought of as an authority. 
  1. Align yourself with other Authorities: My good friend and 7-year coaching client Kyle Newell just partnered to do a seminar with a famous cardiologist. Kyle gets instant credibility and authority just for being on the same poster. 

  1. Find a niche. It hard to become an authority and be a generalist. The most famous authorities have a narrow focus. Find the thing you want to dominate and become the best in the world at that. 

I’ve used this strategy to grow a gym thats generated well over 7 figures each year since 2014

I’ve used this same strategy to build one of the largest fitness business masterminds in the country

Who you become matters. 

People will pay you more money and be much less price resistant when you are known. 

If you want a place to start, learn how to public speak this skill will take you a long way in your life.

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