Quick Idea To Get 4 New Clients

Here’s a simple idea that brought in 4 new clients recently.

World-Famous business coach Jay Abraham was asked if he could only keep one method of getting new clients which one would he keep?

His answer was joint venture relationships.

You have other local businesses, programs and organizations that are trying to grow their programs or add more value to their current service all the time.

The secret is finding the right people to partner with.

Many times, they are right under your nose.

Recently I got into a discussion with a long-time client that also happens to be a youth pastor at a local church.

We came up with an idea where we’d partner on a workshop via zoom thatwould help the fathers of the kids in his program.

I did a section on fitness; he did a section on faith.

It was a great event that turned into 25 leads, 11 attendees and 4 new clients…

…But, also added great value to the people that attended and watched the replay.

So, here’s an idea for you…

Take a look at your current relationships in your community.

It could be a physical therapist, dentist, hair salon, church, massage place or acupuncturist, etc.

Ask yourself what value you could bring to their audience and create a compelling title of a presentation.

Approach them with this idea to partner on a mini workshop or seminar they could promote to their audience.

The cool part about this is once you create the presentation, you can repeat the same for all other businesses with a few tweaks.

My guess is very few of you will do this…but if you do…I’d love to hear about it.

Vince Gabriele

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