Quit “Fixing Your Own Toilet” With Your Marketing


What has 4 fingers and a thumb…that’s not a hand?

A Glove!

This was direct from my kids’ Valentine’s day riddle sheets from last night.

It got me thinking of another question.

What kind of glove helps gym owners never run out of leads?

My Marketing Glove!

As trainers we know and love helping people get strong.

What I love is seeing your business get strong… especially in your marketing department.

The marketing glove is your symbolic tool to use multiple ways to generate leads–an optimal glove has 5 fingers (lead sources).

Without one, your marketing department is weak…even if you are hitting your lead goal every month.

Because you’re only one move away from losing ALL of your lead flow.

Here’s a structure for a perfect marketing glove:

  1. A Systematized Referral System
  2. An Optimized to convert website
  3. Facebook ads using direct response
  4. Joint Venture Relationships
  5. Email Marketing

This glove is a succulent combo of in-house marketing and online marketing…which should 100% be outsourced to a qualified agency.

Running your own ads and building your own website is kind of like fixing your own toilet.

If you grew up in the house of a plumber, then yeah, go fix it yourself.

Or if you have a passion for plumbing…and you spend hours upon hours on Youtube watching plumbing videos in your spare time…then fix it yourself.

For me, and I suspect many of you…not calling the plumber would cost a ton of money

…because what would take a plumber 37 seconds would take me 37 hours, give me high blood pressure, and take me away from any money-making activity I could do in my businesses.

So unless it’s a simple plunger job after a night of Mexican food…I call the dang plumber!

That was a bit of a tangent…

Back to the glove thing.

You need one of these things because your marketing needs to be strong to fend off retention creep.

With your retention up and your leadgen outpacing attrition, you can really start to reap the benefits of being a business owner, and find the freedom that you were looking for when you first started your gym.

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