Read This…And You’ll Be Happy

There is pent up demand right now.

People haven’t gone out to eat in months.

People haven’t gotten their hair cut or their nails done.

Oil changes are overdue.

Teeth have not been cleaned.

Non-essential surgeries have been postponed.

People are ready.

Don’t listen to the BS that they’re not coming back.

It’s scare tactic BS, trying to get you to shift your business to 100% on-line…trust me, this is a mistake for most of you.

You need an on-line component yes, but don’t listen to hogwash from these internet trolls…They make me sick.

If you’re good at what you do and you know how to market and sell…You’re going to be just fine.

You don’t need 1,000 members.

Most of you can get rich from 200 members at $400/month (that’s 80K/month).

Most will come back… it just won’t be all at once.

Here’s another thing to consider.

If someone didn’t lose their job, their bank account has very likely gotten fatter during the pandemic…especially business owners that were able to keep things going and got government help.

Retail sales were up 18% in May.

People are buying pools, building patios and fire pits, putting in hot tubs, etc.


They have money building up in their account because they couldn’t spend it.

Summer vacations, camps and trips are canceled so they need to stay home, which means they won’t be holding their membership for the summer.

Further, 24 Hour Fitness filed for bankruptcy, others are not far behind.

Small Boutique large groups places like Orange Theory are very scary right now due to high volume and small square footage.

Finally…People have been away from their gyms for 4 months.

This is enough time for them to re-evaluate if they will continue.

There is HOPE for gyms like yours and mine.

In fact, there’s a ton of opportunity.

My gym is now open for outdoor only.

We’ve signed up over a dozen new members up for IN PERSON training (outdoor only at FULL PRICE).

People want to get out of their homes.

They’re sick of zoom.

The opportunity is here.

Only the gym owners that provide a great service and the pro-active marketers will win big.

I can help you set up your recession rebound marketing plan for free here.

Vince Gabriele

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