referral idea(best ever)

I’ve something exciting to tell you today that has information on how you can get more referrals. 

Each December, I run a referral idea at my gym called my Holiday gift card system. 

It’s where I give each one of my members a free 30-day membership to give as a gift. 

It’s been the most effective referral strategy I’ve ever used but there are a few key ingredients you need to use. 

I’ve taught this to several hundred gym owners and I’d love to teach it to you for free.

It’ll be a private viewing…this Thursday at Noon EST…for the members of My Marketing Master Insiders Club. 

If you’re not a member…but want in…I’m opening up 5 spots to attend. 

Would you like to join us? 

Vince Gabriele 

P.S. Here’s a quote from legendary gym Owner Joe Riggio, who owns Varsity House gym in New York. 

“The holiday gift card brought in 57 new members”

P.P.S Here’s another from Philadelphia Gym owner Giancarlo Rengi. 

“We brought in 25 new members in 3 ½ weeks from the holiday gift card idea alone”

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