Taking the Stage at the Rise Conference

Today I am taking the stage again at the Rise Fitness Business Seminar in San Jose, California. 
It’s an honor to be speaking with guys like Pat Rigsby, Mark Fisher, Tony Gentilacore and Craig Ballantyne. I’ve learned a lot from many of these guys and it’s really cool to be sharing the stage with them.
I want to give you a few takeaways from my talk if you couldn’t make it to San Jose:
1.     Lead Conversion: Focus on how many leads you convert to consultations and ultimately to memberships. This is a number you must track to be sure your people are answering the phone and your emails properly. We shoot for 50% conversion from lead to consultation. 
2.     Trial Membership Nurturing: Once you sell a trial membership the job is getting started. Your team must deliver a great experience in the gym but having a dedicated person to email, call and text people during their trial is key. This shows people your business is different.  When You focus on the customer experience just as much as the training, you’ll put yourself in a category ONE. We shoot for 60% conversion from a trial to an annual membership. 
3.     Closing the Sale: You need to do a couple things when closing a sale. First you need to give them a few options. Just a few. Too many gyms offer a menu of dozens of things and it confuses people. When someone is confused they probably will not buy. The other thing is to simply ask for the same. We look to close the average sale of around $350. 
I’ll be back to my happy place (dirty Jersey) soon enough.
Talk to you tomorrow,

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