Scary Survey Results From My Members

Join me this Friday May 8th at NOON EST for a FREE LIVE webinar titled:

Covid-19: How To Manage Your Cash (And Your Team) If Members Stay Away EVEN AFTER Your Gym Re-opens

I’ve been pushing hard to stay strong during this pandemic but recently got backbreaking news.

I had this moment of relief when gyms were announced in Phase 1… this was quickly shot down when every state will be handling this differently.

But the real scary moment came after a survey I gave to my members.

I had this optimistic thought that my members would be coming back to the gym when we opened…

I had no idea I would see what I saw.

This graph shows that only 30.9% of my members would be coming back right away.

I stared at this graph for a long time.

The reality is that the worst of the “Covid-19” situation is yet to come…

While many gym owners are thinking that all of their cash flow problems are going to disappear when their gyms re-opens, the smart ones are bracing themselves for the brutal facts:

That as many as 50% of their clients could be staying away for months after the lock down is over due to concerns over the virus lingering.

This is going to be a problem.

How do you navigate having to bring your staff back to an in-person gym when most of the people still want to stay away?

The government loans are gone – PPP is gone – but you still have to pay your staff to provide a service.

This is the very real situation we are facing and plans must be made to protect our livelihood.

I’ll be hosting an ultra-important webinar for gym owners to attend this Friday May 8th at 12 PM EST titled:

Covid-19: How To Manage Your Cash (And Your Team) If Members Stay Away EVEN AFTER Your Gym Re-opens

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Positive Cash Flow: Which staff to bring back – and which staff to let go completely…
  • Running On-line and Offline: How to transition between virtual and in person gym for maximum profits
  • Setting up Your Gym: How to set up your gym and announce to your members that you’re open – without scaring them off… (Hint, don’t tell them “we’re open”)
  • Your Marketing Message: How to market your gym for less than you were before covid-19 … and still get more clients.
  • Covid Program Design: The type of programming that is all but virtually guaranteed to be EXTINCT after COVID-19…and what to do differently.

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