Seth Godin’s advice to me about opening up a second gym

A few years ago I got the incredible privilege to spend 3 hours with Seth Godin at his office in Yonkers New YorkThere was a very small group of us and I was moderatingI got to know Seth a little during that meeting and we’ve kept in touch via emailWell, I keep in touch with himI was contemplating my next growth steps in the fitness industry and narrowed down my options to 2 things1.Opening up a second Gabriele Fitness facility

2.Becoming the best Fitness Business Consultant in the industryI emailed Seth about this and his response was I think you should think long and hard about opening up the second gym.He went on the to say this:“5 gyms means you’re in the business of running gyms”“1 Gym means you run a gym”“But 2 gyms? ““2 gyms means you’re sort of going crazy all the time”What he was saying here changed my lifeHe basically said that if I plan to open a second gym, plan to open 5After this email, I knew what I wanted.If you had 5 gyms it would force you to be very good at creating systems and always be looking for ways to have repeatable success.My advice is even if you have one and only want one, act like you’re going to open 5.This way, if you do open more, you’ll be readyIf you don’t, you’ll just be left with one outstanding businessBut at the end of the day, I believe in free choice and you should do what you wantSo here I amNot running 5 gyms, not contemplating opening a second one.At the end of the day, this is what I love most, right hereI love small businessI love the fitness industryI love speaking and hosting my mentorship love hosting mastermind meetings and seeing huge personal and business breakthroughs.I love getting on the phone with gym owners and helping them solve their problems.I love working with gym owners like you to help make big decisions like opening a second facility or not.This is what I was put on this earth to doIf you need some help on this topic let me knowI honestly think after this event you’ll be ready to conquer the industryThe Bad News: The early bird price of $499 expired and the event is now $999(ouch)But I’m in a good mood todayIf you book your call to apply TODAY, March 21st, 2018 I’ll honour the early bird priceOff you go, you know it’s good for you

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