Slow and Steady Or Rapid Growth? Here’s My Take.

When I learned of one of my most respected business mentors favorite business book I was shocked…

I was thinking it would be something like the E-myth, “good to great” or “How to Win friends and influence people”.


It was “the Tortoise and Hare”

I think we all know the story and how it turns out

I see so many sponsored ads pop up on my news feed, promising me 100 new clients in 30 days

Or $30,000 in revenue in the next 60 days

And while those results are possible, what happens next?

What happens when they stop working, and they will.

You find yourself going back to that guru and paying them another 5K for the next great idea

It’s the same as using external motivation to keep you going

If you need someone else to keep you motivated, unless they live in your home, its going to be hard to stay motivated over the long haul

Motivation fades but great habits do not

Its similar to the groupon effect that was in play years ago.

People got fascinated with hundreds of new people barging down their doors, only to see them leave a few weeks later, moving to the next deal

I never fell prey to these deals even though it was pretty tempting

Maybe I am slow, maybe I’m a tortoise

But my business has grown every year for 10 years.

I have taken the tortoise approach because I have always seen the value in creating something strong and stable

Something that stands the test of time

Businesses that rely on these too good to be true marketing machines usually fade after early success

We have a mantra in our gym

Its called 12-7-4

12 Leads a week

7 Trials a week

4 Annual contracts week at an avg value of $400/month

Please note these are what we use for my facility, every business is different so use numbers that fit for your biz

The gurus may look at this and say I can double that for you

I don’t want them to

I want to just keep doing this

Week after week, month after month, year after year

This is the same thing you teach your clients about nutrition

You teach them to build habits, not go on crazy diets every 6 weeks

So why aren’t we running our gyms the same way?

I’d love to help you build something for the long haul

Something that outlasts the competition

Something that supports your family for years

Something you can possibly sell someday

Something you that runs without you.

Take the first step.

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