Tailor Your Marketing Message And Stop Missing Out On Money!

I started with 53 gym owners in the 6 Week New Client Surge Program yesterday.

After I got done yelling at them to mute their audio we started module 1…

…all about the foundations of marketing which covered 2 very important topics:

Your Perfect Clients

Your Marketing Message

I told the story about how when I started we focused our business around a lot of groups of people.

We trained kids, high school athletes, adults, post rehab ACL, sports teams, coaches, etc.

It was impossible to market so many different things and it showed in our results.

It cost me a lot of money, a ton of time and caused so much frustration at one point I quit marketing all together.

It wasn’t until we focused on one market (at a time) that our business took off.

Instead of trying to communicate to so many different people with many different issues…

…We picked one group and went all-in on marketing to that group.

Once we established that marketing plan…we created a different plan for the second group.

And then that took off.

It’s not that you can’t have multiple groups you work with…it’s just that they need different marketing messages to capture their attention.

We easily clarify this by creating something called Unique Selling Propositions

For our adult market we use: We help people ages 40+ lose weight, gain energy, and live a more active life.

For our athlete population: We help kids ages 8-18 get strong, fast, and confident.

Two very different groups with very different goals and aspirations…that need a different marketing message.

If your marketing isn’t working it’s typically because there’s a market-to-message mismatch.

Too many gym owners get focused on the tactics that bring in the leads but if it’s the wrong message to the wrong person, it won’t hit.

It’s kind of like fishing for salmon in the ocean and using a worm for bait.

Not happening.

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