Tell Your Members About Your Success (Email Swipe)

This past Sunday, Tom Langton, the author of all of our emails wrote a story about me speaking at perform Better.

I never thought that this would be a client retention tool but it was.

People were proud to be part of a local gym where the owner was a leader in the industry

It made our members feel like they were definitely in the right place.

The tone of the countless responses I got was one of being proud to a GFP member, it totally made my week to see the emails our members were sending to me.

I cannot take credit for this, I did not even know Tom was going to write this email but it was a great idea.

Be sure to highlight your personal success to your members, they want to be part of something great.

Speaking at Perform Better was not just a win for me, it was a win for my team, my mastermind members and for all the awesome members at my gym.

Martin Rooney always asks:

“Who do you need to become to get people to be proud to be a members of your gym?”

Here’s the email



Subject: Congrats to Vince
I’m sorry I don’t have the “Picks of the Week” for you.

Instead, this week I need to give a big CONGRATULATIONS to my good friend and mentor, Vince Gabriele.

This weekend Vince spoke at The Perform Better Functional Training Summit in Providence, RI. If you’re not familiar with The Perform Better Summit, it has become one of the premier educational conferences in our industry.


Only the top coaches, researchers and leaders in strength & conditioning, fitness and health are asked to present. It is an opportunity to educate thousands of other professionals.

Vince took me to my first Perform Better Summit in 2009 and I remember being in awe of the presenters. I also remember driving home with Vince and us talking about speaking there one day. The conversation was similar to 2 middle school kids talking about playing for the New York Knicks, never thinking it would actually happen.
I couldn’t be more proud of Vince. The best part about this, I know it’s only the beginning for him.
Do me a favor, to help celebrate. Vince always brags about getting his INBOX to zero everyday. Let’s make him work a little on Monday.
Drop him an email, and say congrats!
Congrats Vince, on behalf of the entire GFP Family, you made us all very proud!
-Big Tom


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