Imagine that you just got a text from one of your best members stating they want to cancel their membership. 

How does that make you feel?

Yesterday I recorded a podcast with SPF Mastermind Legend, Anthony Bevilacqua, who runs one of the most profitable gyms per square foot in the world. 

Stay tuned for that episode. 

We realize this was very important info to know back in March, but this concept still applies today.

People are still canceling, downgrading and holding their gym memberships because of the uncertainty in the world today. 

This means as a gym owner you need to be prepared. 

You’ll never prevent all of the them but if you have a process in place for when people cancel you’ll save yourself a ton of money. 

Here’s the biggest thing you need to do when you get a cancelation:

Don’t take it personally
Most of the time when someone cancels their membership, it has nothing to do with you. 

But, many gym owners (I used to be one of them), take it personally and get emotional about the situation.

Often times, this emotion destroys the possibility of reversing the termination. 

I had this happen to me once with a local business.

I had been working with them for a few years. 

They thought they were going over and above for me.

I thought the results were subpar…so I stopped. 

They went off on me when I canceled…completely making any chance of my return disappear.

I can honestly tell you that re-activations are some of your best sources of new revenue. 

The better you handle the situation when they leave, the better chance you have to get them back. 

Fitness is NOT a lifelong thing for everyone, it should be but it’s not. 

Some people get bored, busy or just need a change.  This is as consistent as gravity and should be built into your business plan. 

Vince Gabriele 

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