The 2 Books By My Bed

I have two books by my bed. 

1. The Bible (which I honestly never read but know I need/want to read more in 2021)

2.  The Ultimate Success Secret by Mr. Dan Kennedy 

The second book is about 30 pages and is more of a pamphlet than a book.

It’s doesn’t need to be 30 pages.

In fact the author states the book could be put on a 3×5 card and that would do the trick. 

Mr. Kennedy talks about there is actually ONE thing, that if done consistently will make you successful in all areas of life. 

When Mr. Kennedy makes a statement like this…I listen up. 

There are a lot of people thinking and planning right now.

There are annual plans and goals that are printed, laminated, sent to a graphic designer and even memorized. 

But most will NOT be accomplished. 

Most will, sadly, fail. 

This goes for weight loss goals, business goals or any other goal for that matter. 

By January 15th…most of these goals will be distant memories. 

The reason why?

Lack of action. 

Mr. Kennedy’s success secret, the one secret that trumps all the others. 

Take Action. 

Now, I started to think about why so many don’t take action.

Why so many good intentions and so much hype just evaporate. 

There is a guy in the SPF Mastermind that is the king of action.

It’s no surprise he’s crushed it the past few years. 

He has an energy to him that doesn’t shut off. 

It most likely comes from his desire to win but he also aligns his personal habits with ability to take action.

He eats perfect, he trains all the time, he doesn’t drink….so he always has a ton of energy.

It’s much easier to take action when you have energy.

Maybe let that be lesson one. 

If you want to take action, the #1 success secret, do all you can to have as much energy as possible. 

What changes need to be made to get you to take action…better and faster than you ever have before.

Nike was right on with their slogan….”Just Do It”.

Home Depot also has it down: “More saving more doing”.

Granger: “For the ones who get it done”.

They must know something.

The big takeaway: All the goals you set mean nothing without the energy to take action.

Vince Gabriele

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