The 3 parts of a perfect marketing department

“Vince’s FireSide Chat from Montana”

Hey guys, I am still in Montana…and….I’m still sitting next to the fire. 
I have been talking about the CEO Mastermind a lot.

There are just so many things that we talked about. We spent 4 days with 2 groups

Each group has between 8 to 10 gym owners.

Most, if not all of them are doing well over 7 figures.

As a group, we worked 12 hour days talking through any and all problems that needed solving.

The same issue comes up every time…Marketing.

Marketing is always a big issue and I realize that gym owners and marketing don’t always get along.

A lot of times it’s our biggest achilles heel.

In today’s podcast I break down the 3 parts of a perfect marketing department:

Part 1: Digital presence (website, paid ads, google, etc.)

Part 2: JV Community (joint venture)

Part 3: The marketing manager

I’m not saying you need to have all three of these parts perfectly put together at this very moment, but it is an ideal place to aspire to be at

Marketing can be a very intimidating mountain of tasks and information to look at, but if you break it all down into the three pieces I talk about in today’s podcast, it becomes a lot easier to tackle.

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