The 4 Parts of a Marketing Plan

This past Thursday, 40 gyms owners from around the world started a journey toward owning their marketing and sales for their gym.   

They joined my 6 Week New Client Surge Program. It is an educational experience where you implement things into your business as you learn.  

Module 1 consisted of learning the foundations of marketing. Specifically, how to build a marketing strategy.  

Too many gym owners are obsessed with tactics.  

They want the next shiny ball to get leads to their door and they fail to actually build some kind of plan.   

It’s like building a home without a blueprint.  

We talked in length about the components of a marketing strategy.    

  1. Clarity on your Target Market 
  2. Building a compelling offer 
  3. Setting goals for how many clients you want  
  4. The 5-step planning process   

I had a ton of questions, some really good ones.  

Lots of people asked about the offer and we talked in length about a trial membership.  They had questions like:   

How much should it cost?  

Is there a formula to figure it out?  

Some people asked about having more than one target market and how to handle that.  They asked questions like:   

Do you build different websites and Facebook pages for the markets?  

Should you focus on one market more than the other or stay in the middle?  

Many asked about the actual meeting to help set your marketing goals for the quarter, questions like:  

How often do you have these meetings?  

What type of calendar do you use?   

The good news:   

  1. All of this was recorded  
  2. We still have 5 more live modules  
  3. You still have 4 days to get your homework done before module 2 (plenty of time).
  4. I just opened up 2 spots in the program. 

Reply here if you’re interested in one of the seats. 


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