The 4 Things I Spend My Time On

I am still 100% owner of my gym, Gabriele Fitness.

That being said, I have little…if nothing…to do with the day to day operations since much of my time is spent writing books, speaking, and coaching other gym owners,

When I walk through the gym to get to my office, many clients ask, who was that guy?

A lot of gym owners ask me what to do with their time when they are the CEO of their gym

Here’s typically what I tell them they should be doing based on 12 years of being a gym owner CEO.

1. Marketing and Connecting with the Community

The job of every gym owner is to make sure the marketing is on track. This cannot be fully outsourced. You need to become the master of your marketing.

My new program, New Client Academy, is designed to give you every tool and resource you could possibly need.

It’s a great place to start but really what needs to happen is for you to take full ownership over the marketing results at your gym.

2. Spotting

I adopted this from Ari Weinzweig, founder of Zingerman’s Deli, a 70 million dollar food business.

Ari would walk around his restaurant and pour water. He explained this as his opportunity to serve, watch his team work and keep that community feel in a very large business.

Spotting was my off-shoot of pouring water and I used to schedule time in my calendar to walk around and observe what was going on.

It led to stronger connections with members, countless marketing gems shared, referral and testimonial opportunities, coaching moments for the staff, and overall just staying connected with the business.

3. Drive the Culture of the Team

I would meet with our leadership team and our trainers on a weekly basis to stay in touch with them and make sure they had all they needed to continue to do a great job. The biggest asset you have is your team. This is worth the time.

4. Consultations with New Members

Here’s one of the last things I gave up. No one will sell as good as you. Even if they are more skilled, as the owner you’ll always hold that upper hand and close at a higher rate.

It also allows you to know every new member even if you are not seeing them on a regular basis. This decision alone will make you heaps of money.

Gym owners come to me all the time frustrated that they don’t know where they should be spending their time.

If you own a gym, spending time on the 4 things listed above will eliminate that frustration.

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