The Biggest Reason So Many Gyms Don’t Make It

Walt Disney built massive success early in his career when he created Mickey Mouse.  

As a true entrepreneur he could not rest, he always wanted to keep going. 

But something was wrong. 

He was not able to come up with his next successful character. 

He decided to go on vacation, something he never had done. 

When he came back he was refreshed and energized.  

Upon his return he created Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck and Mini Mouse, you know the rest of the story.  

You may not be able to take a vacation right now. 

If you can and you need one, it’s probably a great idea. 

If you can’t, you can definitely take a day off. 

A full day off.  

I learned this type of day from a program called Strategic Coach. 

Its called a free day. 

Its where you do NO WORK. 


You don’t even think about work. 

When you do, you let the feeling pass.  

Mastering the art of free days is an important ingredient for success as a gym owner.  

I find these days really hard but very necessary to refresh my brain and more importantly, to be present when I’m with my family.  


“No gym ever went out of business because the owner took ONE day…Several have folded because the owner took NO days off.” 


I firmly believe burnout is one of the biggest reasons why gyms fail.  

The owner of that gym simply got burnt out. 

It’s a shame too because so many good gyms that make a real difference are on the verge of folding because of this. 

They can be saved if the owner knew how to battle this. 

Many times, the problem is close to impossible to fix by themselves. 

There is usually outside help needed because it’s so hard to fix things when you’re always swimming in the problems. 

I’ve been burnt out myself and found the way out through a great business coach. 

I’ve helped dozens of gyms owner overcome burnout and know I will help a ton more in my career. 

What we do matters. 

It matters too much to not take care of yourself and your brain.  

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