The Dark Side of Owning a Gym

There’s a dark side to owning a gym. 
I call it the S.O.S. Gym …unfortunately, it’s rampant in the fitness industry. 

S.O.S. stands for: 

  • Stressful 
  • Overwhelming
  • Strapped for Cash 
Many of the gym owners in my Mastermind had SOS gyms when they started with me. 
As many of you know, everything I teach is geared toward helping gym owners have a business that’s SPF.  
SPF stands for Simple, Profitable and Fun and it’s the solution to a happy life as a gym owner.  
Simple: To help make the gym business easier. 
Profitable: To add more money to your bottom line. 
Fun: To enjoy life and free time as a gym owner. 
The secret to moving from SOS to SPF is making a commitment to become better at business. 
When you signed a lease, you made a decision to be more than just a trainer. 
This means you’ll need to learn things you’ve never done. 
Quite honestly, things that are somewhat harder than becoming a trainer (but very doable with the right guidance). 
Those who fail to embrace this may see early success but probably not make it for the long haul. 
I believe the number one skill you need to NOT be an SOS gym is Marketing. 
Marketing is the one thing that needs to happen before anything else. 
It also happens to be the biggest struggle for gym owners. 
My new course, the 6-Week New Client Surge helps gym owners get a grip on their marketing. 
This grip helps you generate consistent leads and in turn, you’ll make more money, a lot more.  
It starts on March 19th …we’re limiting it to the first 30 gym owners accepted.  
You’ll be hand delivered the Marketing System that will transform your gym from SOS to SPF. 
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Plus, whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways to work with me: 

1. Join the next 6-Week New Client Surge Program

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2. Spend 3 days with me & my team at my gym in NJ:

Spend 3 days with me & my team at my gym in NJ to get a behind the scenes, nothing held back, look under the hood of my gym. You’ll learn how we train, market sell and develop our team.

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3. Work with me 1-1:

Many times you may need a more in-depth coaching and accountability to hit your goals, pending it’s a fit.  I take a small handful of 1-1 clients each year.

Email me,, with “1-1” in the subject to learn more.

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