How To Get More Confidence With Your Marketing

I taught this lesson to my mastermind the other day.

Whenever I teach a lesson and I see the heads nodding I know I got to them.

There are 4 C’s when it comes to improving your confidence.

To give credit where it’s due this is something I learned while in the strategic coach program.

I had call with an SPF Mastermind Recently that was struggling with his marketing.

He kept saying things like I’m just lacking the motivation to dive into the marketing side of my business.

He had improved greatly from our last conversation in terms of generating new clients on his scoreboard but still was not confident in his marketing ability.

I asked how long he had been actually focused on owning the marketing side of his business.

He said, since I joined your Surge Program

That was only 6 months ago…

How could he expect miracles from his marketing skills when he was such a rookie.

I asked him if after 6 months he was a master personal trainer.

He of course said no.

Here is what you need to realize with Marketing.

  1. Its ULTRA important and probably the most crucial skill business owners need
  2. It’s a skill that is learned
  3. Like any other skill, Marketing takes practice, time and of course FAILURE

I had times in my business when I wasn’t a huge fan of marketing.

I wasn’t a fan because I sucked at it.

It was painful to write an ad or an email and hear crickets

In fact, even when I started this very blog I got next to no feedback from the emails I was writing (thanks a lot guys).

I could of stopped.

I wanted to stop.

But here we are 3 years later, close to 1,000 emails written and an entire new business built from them.

There are 4 stages that create a breakthrough that will give you more confidence. 

Here they are: 

Stage 1: Commitment:

Only when you make a 100% commitment to get better at Marketing and own that skill will you get the confidence you need to be successful. 

Stage 2: Courage:

After you make that commitment, you need to go through a period of courage. Here is what courage feels like: Fear, Anxiety and Uncertainty. 

Courage does NOT feel good. But here is where most get stuck. 

They feel this feeling and stop. 

If you just realized you were just going through a natural step in the breakthrough process, you would still feel these feelings, but you’d keep going. 

You’d say to yourself, I feel this awful feeling but I know I’m just going through the courage phase. 

Mastering this part of the equation is not easy but necessary to get the confidence you need to become better at Marketing

Stage 3: Capability:

While you in the courage phase, you realize you need help. You need more skills, tools and resources to get better at Marketing so you read books, take courses and hire mentors to give you the capability you need to succeed. 

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Stage 4 Confidence:

Finally, one you get the capability, you’ll have the confidence 

This 4-stage cycle can be used for anything you want to increase your confidence.

Hope this helps.

Vince Gabriele

P.S. While most courses just give you specific thing to do for marketing, they don’t really teach you the principles. This means that you’ll always be dependant on them for more results. My Surge course was built to give you the power and education to always be able to ring the register for you gym. 

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