The Gurus I’ve Learned From

Vince Gabriele and Tom Langton sit down for a chat about the Guru’s Vince learned from during the Perform Better conferences, he attended over the last few decades starting as a trainer.

As a second year speaker at the Perform Better conferences, Vince is humbled to be apart of their amazing line up.  Vince gives away his secret to make sure his booth performs well with attendees. 

Vince and Tom go through the Perform Better line up and decide which presenter to see based on the topic they are discussing.  They go through and talk about some well know industry experts, like: 

  • Charlie Weingroff
  • Martin Rooney
  • Tom Plummer
  • Mike Boyle
  • Todd Durkin
  • Alwyn Cosgrove
  • Gray Cook
  • Mark Fisher


If you’re an owner, a trainer or sending your trainers to these summits and conferences, it’s important that you tell your staff to make sure they are paying attention, take notes and come back and do a presentation to the rest of the staff about what they’ve learned. Additionally, make sure your staff asks at least once question to the presenter.

The Perform Better summit is the pinnacle of conferences in the fitness business industry.  Check out their roster, are their names you’re not familiar with? If so, get to know them now. Plan to attend the summit next year.

If you do get the chance to attend, get out of your comfort zone and go and meet these speakers and presenters ask them questions, send them emails, they want to help you succeed. 

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