The Most Powerful Word in Marketing

There was a study done among a bunch of college students with candy. 

They put ou
t two boxes of chocolate. 


The first was Lindt’s chocolate Truffles, a very well-known highend Swiss chocolate that had been around for about 160 years. Bought In bulk, they were around 30 cents per piece. 


The second was the all too common Hershey’s Kiss. They produce about 80 million of these per day so let’s just say there’s nothing that special about them.  


They wanted to see the behavior of the students when they put these two candies next to each other. 


They put the Lindt’s Truffles for sale at 15 cents and Kisses for sales at 1 cent.  


About 73% choose the Truffle and 27% choose the Kiss.  


Then they changed it.  


They dropped both candies one cent.  


The Truffle to 14 cents and they made the Kiss free.  


Something crazy happened. 


69% choose the free Hershey Kiss. 


31% choose the Lindt Truffle. 


Here’s why this happened: 


When we buy things, there is risk.  


There is a fear of loss that you invest money into something and it does not work out or that they made a poor decision.  


When something is made free this risk goes away.  


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