The Secret to Endless Content Ideas

The Secrets to Endless Content Ideas

This is a question that Vince is often asked. If you didn’t know, Vince churns out an email once a day, year-round. Everyone is dying to know, how in the world does he come up with his content. It’s a question he gets asked often by his fitness business coaching clients.  

Vince shares the biggest secret to creating his content and it’s easier than one might thing.  Vince has created a mindset around something he read, “Everything that happens in my life is an email or post.

Something clicked for Vince, and suddenly his mindset had changed from “creating content” to letting content organically find him through his day-to-day happenings and surroundings. It’s the ability to have the awareness to make the connections, with that thing you saw, heard, read or spoke about, and turning it into a lesson for your target market. Vince wants you to ask yourself, “how can I help my customers become more successful through my daily routine?”

Keep in mind that your content should do one of three things:

  • Educate – make them smarter
  • Entertain – make them laugh
  • Inspire – get them motivated

Ask yourself, “Do you understand your target markets problems?” If you don’t, but you own a gym, you’ve got an active market research goldmine that’s waiting to be mined. 

Start conversations with your clients, they have all the answers to the content you should be creating for your target market.

What inspired you? What was the problem? Learn how to ask your clients thought provoking questions.  What has changed since you started coming here?

Results are not just about weight loss, and before and after pictures. That matters but it’s not all that matters.

People like hearing other people’s real life success stories. These stories and triumphs will feel much more relatable and obtainable  for your clients.

It’s more about a mindset than it is about becoming a content automated machine. Vince credits Evernote to keeping him organized with his never ending content ideas. 

Content is how you communicate and engage with your community. Just remember that everything is an email or post.  

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