The Secret to Making Money is NOT Marketing

I started my business in a small town called Berkeley Heights. It’s one town over from the town I grew up in, New Providence.  


I trained the Berkeley Heights High School football team and every year they played the rivalry Thanksgiving game against my alma mater. 


It was always a weird game for me to attend. 


When I went to this game I would spend ½ on one side and then the other half on the other.  


I could not walk 5 feet without walking into someone I knew. 


There were dads that heard I helped kids get faster that would say things like, I got to get little Johnny over to you this winter”. 


There were moms of kids I trained that said, I need to start doing something for myself, tell me about the Fat Blast Class I keep hearing about”. 


There were former teachers I had in High school that we’re like, I’m coming to your gym next month”. 


I could go on but you get the point. 


With all this said.. 


As excited as all these people were to see me, if I just walked away, nothing would have happened. 


The secret to getting these people from telling me they were interested to handing me a check was 
ME following up with THEM 

This is why I don’t carry business cards


This is the secret to getting more clientsfollow-up.  


The real money is in the follow-up not the marketing. 


People need more than one exposure to you before they hand you a check. Many cases it’s a least 7 times! 


Very few businesses do this well. 


Even fewer have a system for it and it makes me cringe how much money they are leaving on the table, it’s a LOT. 


Lucky for the 40 gym owners in my Surge Program, I have an entire module on this planned for tomorrow at 1 PM EST. 


There is still ONE lonely spot left and registration will be brought to a screaming halt at 12 PM EST tomorrow.  


After this, there will NOT be an opportunity to sign up. 


If you don’t make it this time, you can just wait until next year. 


That being said, if you want to start 2019 knowing what you need to do for marketingI wouldn’t wait until the summer (your next chance to get in this program again). 


So, if you want to buy yourself a Christmas gift that will make you lots of money, follow the directions below. 


Reply here, quickly, for the final spot. 


P.S. Here’s the link but remember, Do NOT sign up for the call (there’s no time) to get started you need to email me here directly.  


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